Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Speaking of the Weather...

Winter Weather Shits on Chicago
Well, the first official bullshit of the winter season has begun. I was one of the many unfortunate souls to have a flight connect through Chicago, and let me tell you: Never Again.The absolute worst city ever to have as a major airline hub during the winter season is Chicago. Every year they have an enormous amount of delays and cancellations, I don't know why they even bother being open.

I have officially retired from ever traveling through Chicago. At any time of the year, just as a boycott for their bad weather. The weather here in NYC is perfectly fine, strangely nice for this time of year. We had a small delay for my flight to Chicago and then after waiting an extra hour and a half, we finally boarded. Only then did I recieve a call from American to tell me that my connecting flight to Seattle was cancelled. Unless I wanted to be stranded in Chicago until friday, I had to quickly call over a stewardess and book it off the plane. Coming back to the apartment that I had left at 9am, thinking I was on my way home, did not make me happy.

Let's find some good in this. I'm not stranded in Chicago. That's about all the good there is, unless the plane I was on crashes, and that wouldn't really be good either, since it was full of people. This post will probably be one of the most bitter and angry that I will ever post, because this will be the first Christmas EVER that I've not been home. And even though we don't do too many crazy things for Christmas, the principle of it really ticks me off.

I guess I just don't understand people who claim to like the snow and winter. Really? It's cold, wet and fucks up your travel plans? Oh because it's pretty? Yeah, no, it's not pretty. It's frozen rain that turns the roads to ice sheets and blinds drivers and pilots alike. Again, making travel impossible. So, I think the world could really do without winter actually. Bring on that global warming.

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Tom Waits "Rosie"
Piebald "Put Your Slippers on Instead"

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