Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Speaking of the Weather...

Winter Weather Shits on Chicago
Well, the first official bullshit of the winter season has begun. I was one of the many unfortunate souls to have a flight connect through Chicago, and let me tell you: Never Again.The absolute worst city ever to have as a major airline hub during the winter season is Chicago. Every year they have an enormous amount of delays and cancellations, I don't know why they even bother being open.

I have officially retired from ever traveling through Chicago. At any time of the year, just as a boycott for their bad weather. The weather here in NYC is perfectly fine, strangely nice for this time of year. We had a small delay for my flight to Chicago and then after waiting an extra hour and a half, we finally boarded. Only then did I recieve a call from American to tell me that my connecting flight to Seattle was cancelled. Unless I wanted to be stranded in Chicago until friday, I had to quickly call over a stewardess and book it off the plane. Coming back to the apartment that I had left at 9am, thinking I was on my way home, did not make me happy.

Let's find some good in this. I'm not stranded in Chicago. That's about all the good there is, unless the plane I was on crashes, and that wouldn't really be good either, since it was full of people. This post will probably be one of the most bitter and angry that I will ever post, because this will be the first Christmas EVER that I've not been home. And even though we don't do too many crazy things for Christmas, the principle of it really ticks me off.

I guess I just don't understand people who claim to like the snow and winter. Really? It's cold, wet and fucks up your travel plans? Oh because it's pretty? Yeah, no, it's not pretty. It's frozen rain that turns the roads to ice sheets and blinds drivers and pilots alike. Again, making travel impossible. So, I think the world could really do without winter actually. Bring on that global warming.

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Tom Waits "Rosie"
Piebald "Put Your Slippers on Instead"

Chocolate Success Despite the Weather

There was a wonderful show at the Knitting Factory sunday night, which too many people missed, probably due to the weather. More than anything I pity those who didn't come, you missed one hell of a show. I was even on stage for a second...I think. Really by then I'd had a few drinks, so I might just have imagined that part.

Schocholautte had some great merchandise on sale too, I got a t-shirt, and a tank top, and I'm just waiting on the buttons. Because I love buttons. I kinda wanted the hotpants, but thought they just aren't practical enough. The music was great, as always and we got tons of pictures. Plus it was a special night because it's one of the last shows to play at the Manhattan Knitting Factory before they close their doors (they're opening a new place in Brooklyn where the Luna Lounge is now).

Kudos to all the cool kids who braved the cold and came out. I think the highlight of the evening for me would have to be the busting out of the banjo for Orange County. Not only is that my favorite song, but I pretty much want them to use a banjo for everything. Because it's awesome. So double-the-yay from this fan. And the guys are super nice, can't find a more polite group of rock stars if you ask me. Check out their myspace and get to know their music. It's addicting. Like chocolate.

Add to your playlist:
Of Montreal "A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger" (miss Haley Jane gave me some new music!)
Marvin Pontiac "Power"

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Show Tomorrow Night!

Reminder!! Schocholautte is playing their biggest show to date at The Knitting Factory tomorrow night! Tickets are a paltry $8, a five year old could buy one with his allowance, come on! The show starts around 8pm and doors open at 730pm. They are headlining, so a couple bands are playing before them. Devi from Jersey and Monica Nelson hailing from the Portland music scene. There will be some never before seen merchandise, CDs to buy, chocolate to eat and lots lots lots of pants-removing. It's all ages so bring your cool hipster 20-year-old friends. And bring the good haircuts. No one wants to be the one person with the bad haircut.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


My friend (who sends me a lot of cool links) sent me this one, about baby zoo animals. It might be the cutest website on the planet, I know a few people who will actually DIE when they see it. I'm not sure if it's scientifically founded that people can die from being exposed to over-cuteness, but this website certainly tries its hardest to be the #1 cause of death amongst baby-animal lovers.

On a related note, this brings up the question of which is cuter, baby animals or human babies. I know people who are on both sides, some like the baby babies, some like the zoo babies. Me? I would have to be on the side of the zoo babies, if not purely for the fact that human babies look an awful lot like aliens when they're first born, and contrary to what everyone says, yes they do all look the same for the first few weeks; like a wrinkled peanut that's sprouted and cries unnaturally loud. And poops. I guess it's really less like a peanut when you think about it, but still not totally human looking.

Baby animals (non-human animals that is, I also agree that humans ARE animals) are absolutely cuter. For one, they are exotic, in terms of the fact that they are of another species, and humans inherently find the exotic attractive. Or they are scared of it. But really, who is scared of a baby koala? Girls are definitely more apt to be overblown by a cute-attack, but I'm not a geneticist, I don't know what all that's about. I don't even know if that falls under the category of genetics, but it sounds good. Maybe it's a hormone thing. Is there such a thing as a hormonocist? I digress.

Check out the website, it's another good way to waste time actually, I should add that to the list I made earlier below. And visit your local zoo, these guys live in cages for their whole lives, the least we could do is give a little money to the institution that takes care of them.

Add to your Playlist:
Apples in Stereo "Tidal Wave"
Supreme Beings of Leisure "Strangelove Addiction"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Antagonist Art Movement Movie

There's this thing. And this thing is called The Antagonist Art Movement. I came to know this thing by way of seeing my friends Schocholautte play at Niagara Bar one thursday every month where they hold the art shows. I initially had no idea they were making a movie, but lo and behold they have, and Schocholautte plays the music for the movie, so for that reason alone you need to check it out. Perhaps buy the DVD, or come see the shows, or just come see any Schocholautte show. Like this sunday at the Knitting Factory....

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Time Wasters

In this week of finals, I've found that I know so many good ways to procrastinate and waste my time that it's becoming ridiculous. I can no longer do work at home very well, because I either fall asleep, or watch the tv, or chat with my roommates, or all of the above all at once. Could happen. Well, I often sit in a cafe because of that reason, and still I find things to take up my time (damn fucking internet).

I have a few favorite websites, specifically used to waste time I could be spending on homework. Myspace and Facebook are of course on the list, but in terms of sites that actually feel like you are accomplishing something while not, I tend to lean towards useless trivia.

TriviaFanatic and FunBrain are by far the best. The former is just an endless series of questions that keeps going until you get three wrong in a row. And then you start over. But it keeps score, so you have to keep trying to beat your score, and so it continues into eternity. The latter is similar (and it's totally made for kids) but it quizzes you on the capitals of world countries. This one is especially dangerous because you feel like you are learning really useful knowledge that not many people know.

By the time an hour has passed, you now know the capital city of Bolivia, Thailand and Zimbabwe, which are oh so useful on that chemistry assignment you should be doing. I definitely need to know the capital of Zimbabwe for all important aspects of my life. Not really, but boy does that website make you feel that way.

Lastly, this stupid blog is a new time waster that is slowly catching on. I should be writing a paper as I'm typing this, but damnit, I haven't posted in a few days, and like heroin, I just need this now. Luckily, my paper is due tomorrow, and knowing me, I always finish my papers, no matter how down to the line it gets. So at least I know that I'll feel a little bit less stressed come tomorrow morning. But for now, I think I'll try my darndest to work without interruption. Or hope that the internet just stops working. That would certainly make my life easier.

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Starlight Mints "Black Cat"
The Archies "Sugar Sugar"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bush Almost Gets a Shoe to the Face

I'm right there with that reporter, let's get Bush out of office asap. Someone should really make shoes with his face on the sole. Now those, I would buy, just so I can step on his face everywhere I go. People will TRY to step on gum.

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Le Tigre "New Kicks"
Donovan "Universal Soldier"

Friday, December 12, 2008


The Contortionist
The Contortionist

OH man. Really.

Schocholautte @ The Knitting Factory

Schocholautte at the Knitting Factory December 21, 2008 with Monica Nelson and Devi.

Official announcement for the show. Nothing is official until Michael P. makes a flyer. I realize the image is tiny. Click on it. It gets bigger. So there ya go.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Delayed Photos

Just some pictures that I took of Michael P. singing some Misfits. And the shirtless guy is someone else. He sang The Stooges. Kinda wished he'd left his shirt on. But the picture is cool, so I included it. Just for shits. Its a week late. Oh well.

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The Misfits "Where Eagles Dare"
The Stooges "Search and Destroy"

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jesus was Born on June 17

Mini-Post, I found this cool animation about when Jesus was born and what that great Bethlehem Star might have been. Kinda cool if you ask me. I like logical explanations for things from the bible. I should keep a collection.

Watch the Video!!


Alrighty, excitement excitement! My good friends Schocholautte will be playing their last show of 2008 at none other than The Knitting Factory! December 21st (that's a Sunday) at 730pm the show starts with Monica Nelson and a Jersey band called Devi. The show is all ages so for everyone who has never been able to see Schocholautte in action at places like Niagara, now is the time to step on this!!

The show costs like $8 and Schocholautte plays last, which means they will probably keep rocking ALL night. I'm definitely going to be there and I think you all should too. These guys know how to sweat, as is seen by that picture up there. Michael will probably break a guitar string. Captain K will probably wear a funny shirt. Artie will rock, that's what he does. There will be chocolate and other surprises that can only be seen at a show like this.

If you don't know what they sound like, follow any one of those links and listen to some of their stuff. They'll definitely have some EPs for sale. I'm going to give out free hugs to anyone that shows up. This is one of the best chances to see an upcoming band rock you out of your pants. Legit, they've played shows where people have removed their pants. I've seen it.

Add to your Playlist:
White Stripes "You're Pretty Good Lookin' (For a Girl)"
Steel Train "Kill Monsters in the Rain"

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Couple of Sweet Things

I had a really normal day, not too exciting. But I found out two awesome things today that I must share. So I've had Netflix for a little while, a few months. And they have movies that you can watch online for free (or well, as part of your monthly payment) and it didn't used to work on my computer because they were still dealing with making it work on MAC's because the whole world is backwards when it comes to MACs. Anyways, I went to the Netflix website today, for no apparent reason really, and I found out that they got it to work! So I'm stoked for now having an amazing number of movies at my fingertips! With the free movies I don't even know why people would spend the money to get more than 1 DVD at a time. I pay like $10, get unlimited monthly DVDs one at a time, and unlimited movies online. Seriously awesome.

Thing #2, I found a cool website where you can make your own nutrition bars and pick your own ingredients and even give the bar its own name. They're a little expensive (they are custom made after all) but someday when I have money to throw around on nutrition bars, I'm totally going to make my own. It's a great idea though, and they have customized shakes too. And most of the stuff is organic, and vegan and healthy for you. I say this as I'm sitting here munching on a Jolly Rancher. Go me.

Completely unrelated to that, I'm sitting here in my basement room, lounging on the couch and ignoring the outside world. I gave myself today. Because I have to really start bearing down for finals and everything. I have rehearsal tomorrow which I am just soooo looking forward to. I registered for my spring classes. They're going to be pretty amazing I think. I'm taking German of course, either 1 or 2 drawing classes, I haven't decided if I want to stick with both or if I want to bother. And I'm registered for an 18th Century British Gothic Literature class (right?) which is the second best thing I could find after the seminar on the Enlightenment filled up immediately (bastards). I'm still going to try and go in on the first day of that class and try to get into it. I want it damn it. Or maybe I'll steal it from someone who gets cancelled in January. It's going to be my last undergraduate semester ever. And I will take the classes I want.

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Guns N' Roses "Welcome to the Jungle"
Belle & Sebastian "Piazza New York Catcher"

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I realize that no one reads this blog really yet, but I still have the urge to promote music on here. In keeping, tonight there will be an amazing show at Niagara Bar. Tonight, the infamous Schocholautte brings to you all of their sweat, tears and glory.

I was suddenly inspired to write this post because Sheryl Crow was playing in the cafe I'm sitting at and Schocholautte does a pretty mean cover. Perhaps I can con them into playing it tonight. It's possible, stranger things have happened.

On a separate note, last night I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Michael P. grace the stage at Studio B during their annual Indie Rock Karaoke night. He was Aquaman, which was fabulous in and of itself. To make it better, he sang "Where Eagles Dare" by the Misfits. There were lots of people who did pretty good versions of their songs, many who murdered them (I feel bad for Steely Dan, the Ramones, and especially the Stooges...). I still think Michael did absolutely fine, it was fun seeing him run around on stage in an Aquaman costume with Ted Leo as his backup vocals. And I'm pretty sure he was one of the few people that knew all the words to his song without a lyric page. I've vowed to try it next year.

They play at 11, after some other bands who I don't really care about. For those who don't know, Niagara Bar is on Ave. A and 7th Street, down in the East Village. I'm going to eat at Benny's Burritos beforehand with some friends, I suggest you do something similar.

Schocholautte Myspace

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Schocholautte "Mercedes Benz"
Schocholautte "Oh My Dear"