Thursday, December 18, 2008


My friend (who sends me a lot of cool links) sent me this one, about baby zoo animals. It might be the cutest website on the planet, I know a few people who will actually DIE when they see it. I'm not sure if it's scientifically founded that people can die from being exposed to over-cuteness, but this website certainly tries its hardest to be the #1 cause of death amongst baby-animal lovers.

On a related note, this brings up the question of which is cuter, baby animals or human babies. I know people who are on both sides, some like the baby babies, some like the zoo babies. Me? I would have to be on the side of the zoo babies, if not purely for the fact that human babies look an awful lot like aliens when they're first born, and contrary to what everyone says, yes they do all look the same for the first few weeks; like a wrinkled peanut that's sprouted and cries unnaturally loud. And poops. I guess it's really less like a peanut when you think about it, but still not totally human looking.

Baby animals (non-human animals that is, I also agree that humans ARE animals) are absolutely cuter. For one, they are exotic, in terms of the fact that they are of another species, and humans inherently find the exotic attractive. Or they are scared of it. But really, who is scared of a baby koala? Girls are definitely more apt to be overblown by a cute-attack, but I'm not a geneticist, I don't know what all that's about. I don't even know if that falls under the category of genetics, but it sounds good. Maybe it's a hormone thing. Is there such a thing as a hormonocist? I digress.

Check out the website, it's another good way to waste time actually, I should add that to the list I made earlier below. And visit your local zoo, these guys live in cages for their whole lives, the least we could do is give a little money to the institution that takes care of them.

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