Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chocolate Success Despite the Weather

There was a wonderful show at the Knitting Factory sunday night, which too many people missed, probably due to the weather. More than anything I pity those who didn't come, you missed one hell of a show. I was even on stage for a second...I think. Really by then I'd had a few drinks, so I might just have imagined that part.

Schocholautte had some great merchandise on sale too, I got a t-shirt, and a tank top, and I'm just waiting on the buttons. Because I love buttons. I kinda wanted the hotpants, but thought they just aren't practical enough. The music was great, as always and we got tons of pictures. Plus it was a special night because it's one of the last shows to play at the Manhattan Knitting Factory before they close their doors (they're opening a new place in Brooklyn where the Luna Lounge is now).

Kudos to all the cool kids who braved the cold and came out. I think the highlight of the evening for me would have to be the busting out of the banjo for Orange County. Not only is that my favorite song, but I pretty much want them to use a banjo for everything. Because it's awesome. So double-the-yay from this fan. And the guys are super nice, can't find a more polite group of rock stars if you ask me. Check out their myspace and get to know their music. It's addicting. Like chocolate.

Add to your playlist:
Of Montreal "A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger" (miss Haley Jane gave me some new music!)
Marvin Pontiac "Power"

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Dave said...

but hotpants are practical... for erm stuff.

anyway, remember how i mentioned that klimt's "the kiss" is haunting me? well, i'm sitting in a cafe right now, and not 20 feet from me, i can see someone's laptop screen. she's set the wallpaper to "the kiss". *sigh*