Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Alrighty, excitement excitement! My good friends Schocholautte will be playing their last show of 2008 at none other than The Knitting Factory! December 21st (that's a Sunday) at 730pm the show starts with Monica Nelson and a Jersey band called Devi. The show is all ages so for everyone who has never been able to see Schocholautte in action at places like Niagara, now is the time to step on this!!

The show costs like $8 and Schocholautte plays last, which means they will probably keep rocking ALL night. I'm definitely going to be there and I think you all should too. These guys know how to sweat, as is seen by that picture up there. Michael will probably break a guitar string. Captain K will probably wear a funny shirt. Artie will rock, that's what he does. There will be chocolate and other surprises that can only be seen at a show like this.

If you don't know what they sound like, follow any one of those links and listen to some of their stuff. They'll definitely have some EPs for sale. I'm going to give out free hugs to anyone that shows up. This is one of the best chances to see an upcoming band rock you out of your pants. Legit, they've played shows where people have removed their pants. I've seen it.

Add to your Playlist:
White Stripes "You're Pretty Good Lookin' (For a Girl)"
Steel Train "Kill Monsters in the Rain"

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