Monday, December 15, 2008

Good Time Wasters

In this week of finals, I've found that I know so many good ways to procrastinate and waste my time that it's becoming ridiculous. I can no longer do work at home very well, because I either fall asleep, or watch the tv, or chat with my roommates, or all of the above all at once. Could happen. Well, I often sit in a cafe because of that reason, and still I find things to take up my time (damn fucking internet).

I have a few favorite websites, specifically used to waste time I could be spending on homework. Myspace and Facebook are of course on the list, but in terms of sites that actually feel like you are accomplishing something while not, I tend to lean towards useless trivia.

TriviaFanatic and FunBrain are by far the best. The former is just an endless series of questions that keeps going until you get three wrong in a row. And then you start over. But it keeps score, so you have to keep trying to beat your score, and so it continues into eternity. The latter is similar (and it's totally made for kids) but it quizzes you on the capitals of world countries. This one is especially dangerous because you feel like you are learning really useful knowledge that not many people know.

By the time an hour has passed, you now know the capital city of Bolivia, Thailand and Zimbabwe, which are oh so useful on that chemistry assignment you should be doing. I definitely need to know the capital of Zimbabwe for all important aspects of my life. Not really, but boy does that website make you feel that way.

Lastly, this stupid blog is a new time waster that is slowly catching on. I should be writing a paper as I'm typing this, but damnit, I haven't posted in a few days, and like heroin, I just need this now. Luckily, my paper is due tomorrow, and knowing me, I always finish my papers, no matter how down to the line it gets. So at least I know that I'll feel a little bit less stressed come tomorrow morning. But for now, I think I'll try my darndest to work without interruption. Or hope that the internet just stops working. That would certainly make my life easier.

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