Thursday, December 4, 2008


I realize that no one reads this blog really yet, but I still have the urge to promote music on here. In keeping, tonight there will be an amazing show at Niagara Bar. Tonight, the infamous Schocholautte brings to you all of their sweat, tears and glory.

I was suddenly inspired to write this post because Sheryl Crow was playing in the cafe I'm sitting at and Schocholautte does a pretty mean cover. Perhaps I can con them into playing it tonight. It's possible, stranger things have happened.

On a separate note, last night I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Michael P. grace the stage at Studio B during their annual Indie Rock Karaoke night. He was Aquaman, which was fabulous in and of itself. To make it better, he sang "Where Eagles Dare" by the Misfits. There were lots of people who did pretty good versions of their songs, many who murdered them (I feel bad for Steely Dan, the Ramones, and especially the Stooges...). I still think Michael did absolutely fine, it was fun seeing him run around on stage in an Aquaman costume with Ted Leo as his backup vocals. And I'm pretty sure he was one of the few people that knew all the words to his song without a lyric page. I've vowed to try it next year.

They play at 11, after some other bands who I don't really care about. For those who don't know, Niagara Bar is on Ave. A and 7th Street, down in the East Village. I'm going to eat at Benny's Burritos beforehand with some friends, I suggest you do something similar.

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