Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Iditarod

Iditarod Dog Dies
I just read this short article, which in itself is not all that interesting, but the coments at the bottom, concerning a whole meleƩ of things were far more intense. I'm not a fan of animal sports really. Horse racing, and dog racing and all that kind of seem abnormal. If the dogs/horses hadn't been bred that way, there's no way they would do it on their own. I'm not even a fan of horse drawn carriages, because seriously, the poor horses have to pull around lazy tourists in the cold? That's mean, no two ways about it. Save yourself $40 and walk around the park; you'll go just about as fast and you'll get exercise. And you can walk on the grass.

But I digress. Personally, my thoughts on the Iditarod? I don't care how well the animals are cared for in any animal sport; if it puts their lives in jeopardy, it's not worth it.

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