Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Monday is a Success!

Last night Schocholautte had their first evening in the newly renovated Niagara Bar. As previously posted, they're going to be doing a show every monday night, with variety acts and a host as an opening show. I attended and the night was a complete success! There were worries early on about the volume and echo because this is a new space where bands will be playing, but after getting a few drinks in the audience and some sweat flying around, it didn't seem as loud as previously thought. And, now the music is upstairs, so the upstairs bar can hear and see the entertainment, as well as the people walking by outside.

It was a night of new music! Good friend Argyle Johansen opened the night with some oldies and goodies, and some new songs, that I don't think I've even heard. The audience started out small, but as people realized that the music was GOOD, the place began to fill up. Schocholautte came on and rocked everyone out of their pants, and they even played 3 new songs never before heard at a show!

Make sure to look them up on myspace and stay updated with their upcoming shows, they're even going on the road for the first time! These boys are moving up, let's give them some support!!

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