Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have been so wrapped up in life that I have forgotten to promote a show that I'm working on! It's called Cataract and it is actually 2 one-act plays (performed on the same night) about our inability to see the world around us. These plays consist of:

Iraq (Blindness): by Tony Award winning playwright Mario Fratti. It is a serious look at the problems of American soldiers fighting in Iraq.

A Temporary Cat: by Mara Lesemann. This one is a romantic comedy/fantasy about looking for love in 21st century America.

The plays are directed by Simcha Borenstein and Carlo Fiorletta, respectively, and feature yours truly behind the lights, sounds and beer. The show is really great, simple and to the point. We have a wonderful cast, some of who are in both plays.

We are conveniently playing in midtown, right near the heart of Times Square, at The Producer's Club which is 358 West 44th Street. The opening preview was last night but there are still plenty of shows and plenty of tickets available. Just show up to the theater and get one! Shows still to come are as follows:

Tonight! Thursday March 5: 7pm
Friday March 6: 8pm
Saturday March 7: 3pm and 8pm
Sunday March 8: 3pm

You might laugh, you might cry, but you will definitely have a good night out on the town! Tickets are also available HERE!

Come check it out!

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Mara said...

Nice post, great summary! I look forward to reading your blog regularly.