Friday, March 13, 2009

Chocolate Brontosaurus Mondays

Schocholautte, my buddies, and favorite band ever, are doing something awesome. Technically they always do awesome things, but I'm biased. Starting this monday (the 16th of March!) they will be playing a residency at Niagara Bar. They will be there every monday, playing to their hearts content (or from 10-11pm, whichever comes first).

The best part of this is that not only will they be playing, the entire evening is becoming a variety/talk show type of deal, with different people performing different crazy things. Actually, there is still plenty of room for acts to join, so if you have some insane or inane thing that you do (drag, poetry, dance, anything) then we would love to have you join us! But if not, then just show up and give support, because nothing matters if no one is there to see it!

Low down: Every Monday at Niagara Bar, which is on the corner of Ave A and E. 7th in the East Village. Schocholautte will be playing at 10pm and the variety show will be for the hour or two beforehand. And the clincher, it's FREE! Although since it is a bar, having a beer or two can't hurt. Plus, they card at the door, so sorry to anyone under 21, but the doorman is big and doesn't take crap. From anyone, I've seen it.

This is going to be amazing, I promise. If you or anyone you know is interested in participating, contact my gmail at!

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