Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good Music is Good Anywhere

There are people who like listening to albums, and there are those who prefer live music. Personally I prefer music live, and can't comprehend those who would rather sit at home, but who's judging? However, my point is this, if the music is good, it doesn't really matter when or where you hear it, because it should do the same thing to you. Whatever that may be depends on lots of things.

Take one example, last night in south Jersey, there was a house party. This party had a band booked to play it. Four songs into the set, the cops showed up with a noise warning. Mostly it was ridiculous because it was barely 10pm (yes I was there). After a short break, people still wanted to hear more, so the band tried playing with less instruments and no amps. Still to no avail, it was too loud outside. So, as a last resort, they moved to an upstairs bedroom.

The idea of cramming 20 people, instruments and beer into a small bedroom might not sound that great to some music lovers, but when the lyrics and beats make everyone in the room close their eyes and bob their heads in unison, the close proximity and awkward situation make it that much more intimate and meaningful. This band got to finish their set and have dozens of new, amazed fans, because of this one evening.

Sitting next to the guy singing, or drumming or whatnot, makes you almost feel like a part of the band, and instinctively, a part of the music. Every song is, of course, about your life, and you cannot fathom how the songwriter managed to get inside your head to pull out these deep thoughts. And really, they only pulled out what is human in all of us, and the evening took everyone back to the time when people would sit around, and not watch television or even listen to the radio, but would actively entertain each other, with music, conversation and laughter.

What Band Was It?

(Photo courtesy of Karen Pobicki)

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Karen said...

Thanks for the photo cred, the constant band-pimping, and for being my right-hand girl for the first ever road trip. Had a blast. Can't wait to do it again!