Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sweet Music Website

I have become addicted to this music sharing website called Blip. It's a great twist on a chatroom/playlist community where you are the DJ and you share songs with other DJs who like the same kind of music. Just search for a song, by name or artist and if it's in the database (and the database is fairly large) then you can "blip" it for others to hear. I think I like it because I constantly try to outdo the other users in terms of how awesome the songs I pick are. Also, when you hear a song you like, you can add it to your own playlist and you can also give props to the DJ who first blipped it, to let them know you like their style. It's a nice thrill to see that someone has begun listening to your songs or that you've received props for something. My only qualm is that the songs all come from URLs so when a URL goes under, the song still appears in their database but it just no longer works. This gets a little annoying when you are trying to find a song and have to preview ten versions before one works. Nonetheless, the website is a pretty good way to waste a few hours on the computer. Props to Blip.

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