Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hair, Hair Hair, Hair, Hair

Well, I just got another fabulous haircut, and I don't think I've done quite enough service to miss Stacey in terms of her talent. Soooo. Stacey Dugliss works at the Beehive Salon which is in Brooklyn off the Bedford stop. North 7th between Berry and Wythe. I HIGHLY suggest her. Seriously, she has done my hair multiple times. Every time I leave thinking I'm the pinacle of the world, so really there's no reason not to assume she'll do the same for you. She's done color too, so clearly she's awesome and I think everyone who needs a haircut should go there. ASAP. And she's a darling, one of those hairstylists who you can really talk to (you know, like in the old times when hairstylists were also therapists, yeah that's her). Miss Stacey Dugliss. Have her cut your hair. You'll love it and her at the same time.

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