Saturday, February 21, 2009


For as long as I can remember eating in New York CIty, I have known this restaurant called Franchia. I don't remember how I found the place or even the first time I went there, because it just seems like I always have. Not only do they have the absolute greatest food on the planet (no seriously) but the waitstaff is kind to a fault, the prices are decent for midtown and you leave feeling better than when you entered.

As a restaurant, Franchia is vegan Korean but mixed with other asian influences ( they have sushi for example). Their extensive tea menu is to die for, I highly suggest the Plum Tea if you have an upset stomach or any of the green teas for pure cleansing. They have other crazy types for the more adventurous. Franchia has one of the most wonderful menus of any vegan restuarant. EVERY item is delicious (a personal favorite is the Avocado Bibimbap) and they have all sorts of different choices, ranging from porridge to sizzling soy chicken to more than a dozen noodle dishes.

The atmosphere is amazingly zen for being right on 34th and Park Avenue. The subtle music and mood lighting make the place romantic while also very casual. I think I've taken more than a dozen people to this place, some as their first introduction to vegan food. Not a single person has left with a bad thing to say about it, and most want me to take them back. It's become a favorite among me and my roommates and I'm pretty sure the waiters recognize us now.

Long story short, this is vegan food at its best. It's the first place I think of when asked what vegan restaurants are good, and it's my fallback place whenever my friends and I can't decide on a new restuarant, because we know it will be good no matter what. Check them out, I guarantee you won't be sorry!

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