Friday, November 21, 2008

Photo of the Week and Schocholautte Update

So Schocholautte had another amazing show last night at their favorite haunt, Niagara Bar, down in the East Village. They play there once a month as part of the Antagonist Art Movement, which is thursday nights. The crowd was big, loud and rowdy, though sadly, Lorenzo did not end up on James's shoulders this time, however, it is possible that I just had too many drinks and missed it. My friend Rikki was awesome and brought 6 of her friends, plus there were groupies and other fans galore, it was definitely one of the better shows! Hit up their myspace!

Also, once a week I'm going to put up a picture, probably taken from my phone and give a little story with it. Today, its an image of where I woke up this morning. Niagara Bar is down in the East Village, and yet this morning I woke up on a couch in the Upper East Side. I think that I made my way there via a diner called Sidewalk and another bar on Macdougal street that I never got the name of. But I do remember playing Fußball. And kicking ass. I have only recently arrived home because I went and got bagels (if you'll remember, that is something I always do after a night of drinking) and the guys at the bagel shop love seeing me come in hung over, or in this case, still un poco bebido. They always tell me I look tired, which is usually the case.

Schocholautte Myspace
Antagonist Art Movement

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