Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bagels Galore

In the spirit of the name of this blog, I figure it's only right to write something about bagels and coffee. Currently I'm sitting in my local bagel shop, which just so happens to be my favorite bagel shop in all of New York. It's saturday, so I'm actually lucky that I even got a seat, their line is out the door, even though it's pouring rain outside. The rain is the reason I'm even sitting here in the first place. I was supposed to have a soccer game this morning, but due to the "inclement" weather, it was cancelled. In retrospect, this gives me a wonderful opportunity to work on homework and regular work and things I was going to squeeze into tomorrow. But I really would have liked to play today. But I sucked it up and went for a bagel (oh the sadness). I walked the 15 minutes in the absolute downpour, my feet are soaked, my sweatshirt is soggy, and the bottoms of my pants are now another color. But the reason I go through such trials to get to this place is because they really do have the best bagels in NYC, and as an avid bagel eater since young childhood, I think I know a thing or two about bagels. Not only that, I worked at the best bagel shop in Seattle years ago, and these are definitely comparable. It's called Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company, though ironically their 3 locations are in Queens, Queens, and Manhattan. My local store is the one near the Astoria/Ditmars stop, I've never actually been to the others ones. I don't think they ever had a location in Brooklyn, so where the name came from is beyond me. The people who work here are fabulous, I'm in here so often that they know I drink my coffee black, they know that I can't have regular cream cheese because I'm a vegan, and they always have a smile for me, even when you can tell they've been having an absolutely wretched morning. I'm the kind of person who can't do my work in my apartment because I'll just get distracted and ignore it, so I'm always sitting here for hours on end, working, studying or stuff. And they never mind, on the contrary they always seem to wonder why I leave. I bring everyone I know here. After a night of serious libation: bagels. After a one night stand: bagels. After a soccer game: bagels. I undoubtedly eat too many carbs, but I figure, you only live once right? This is the bagel Mecca, come in and if it's not too busy you can even ask them to teach you a word or two in Spanish, they'll happily oblige.

Below you will find an article that I just happened to pass on the world wide web. Gives some cool info about the bagel.

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