Saturday, November 15, 2008

Clemenza and Tessio

Tonight was the second night of this show I've been working on, and it went more or less like yesterday. Some cues were off, some lines were mixed up, some of the lights and sounds took a little longer to gather than I had thought, but in the end, people laughed and were telling us how much they loved the show. The fact that many of them had multiple drinks and were fairly knocked by the end probably had nothing to do with it. We're halfway through the run, its only four shows long so by the time I really get down all the light and sound cues, it will be over. No matter I guess, this week will give me a lot more time to work on my next show, plus homework, my job, trying to work things out with my theatre company members, working on some Schocholautte stuff (go to their myspace and check them out!) and basically trying to organize my life again. I really need to clean my room and do laundry first and foremost. But I also need to get back on applying to grad schools, studying for that damn GRE that I need to take before grad school can actually happen, and the billions of other things I have put on my own list of things to get done. Tomorrow will be spent probably hung over and studying furiously for my midterm on monday, which in reality I should have been studying for long before this, but since cram sessions are totally "in" and "hip", I figure, why stray from the flock?

Clemenza and Tessio Tickets!

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