Friday, April 17, 2009

This Is Berlin, Not New York

Unable to sleep last night at all (like until the sunlight began showing) I decided to pop in the movie that Ethan Minsker (see previous post) gave me to review a few days ago. He talked about This is Berlin, Not New York some in the interview, but I had yet to actually see more than the trailer myself, and I wanted to see it damnit.

Regardless of the fact that I already love the Antagonists and everything they do, I really did like the movie. I watched it from the point of view that Ethan had made it from; it's about the process and the people, and not necessarily the art. While there was good art in the show in Berlin, and the idea of transforming an abandoned building into a huge art palace is kind of ingenius, it really did show a group of people who want to just make art, because it is their passion.

Background on the documentary would be good probably. A portion of folks from the Antagonist Art Movement went to Berlin in 2007 to have an art show, create connections, and visit another city where art is being made. They did things that were probably illegal, other things that were brilliant and other things that were downright silly. But they "experienced life artfully".

The movie was, in fact, inspiring, which I do think was part of the point. I definitely wanted to go out and make some art (maybe break a few laws) and live within my creativity. The DVD is available through their website Below is the trailer, which I believe I have posted before, but no matter. Remember that the documentary itself is a work of art too. It all comes full circle.

And you don't have to travel long distances to see the Antagonists, they have a show every Thursday night from 9PM to 2AM at Niagara Bar (112 Ave A) in the East Village. There are different emerging artists, experienced artists and those in between each night, but you will never want for a good time, because that is the one constant.

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Eton said...

Thanks for watching the film. We are working on the new one right now. I was shooting last night and again this Sunday.