Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Glorious Monday and Someone's EP is on the Internet

Last evening was sort of the official opening for Alphabet City Soup, hosted by the Antagonist Art Movement at Niagara Bar, down in the good ole' East Village. We had Mariah MacCarthy doing her first stand up routine ever, lots about lesbians and a vegetarian girls rap. It was hysterical I think. Then Ibrahim Siddiq (aka POET) graced us with his presence and some spoken word, much of which was heartwrenching and hilarious at the same time. Amazing. Then mister Adam Lash did some comedy for us as well, he almost battled it out with Mariah about all the lesbian jokes, I was waiting for a brawl. And he was funny as shit. Right before the band went on we had Nick Ignazzi perform some illusion stunts which were super; my personal favorite was the paper cutout of Abraham Lincoln (I'm still a sucker for all that sleight of hand stuff).

Of course we must not forget, we had a special surprise guest early on in the evening. The original opener couldn't make it, so Ramzi Khoury (who was only coming to see the show, and participate on a later date) got up on stage and did a set with himself and the guitar. Three cheers for him, what a sport, we will definitely be having him back. Unless we scared him away. Hopefully not.

Last but not least, Schocholautte went on at 10pm and played magnificently (is there any other way?). They played a few new songs, a few awesome songs, a few songs not heard in a long-ass time, and a few from their new EP. Segue. Schocholautte's new EP, "Oodles of Charm" has made its way to the internet! I know it's on Amazon, Rhapsody and some other places. Just google it and you'll probably find it on your favorite music purchasing website. It will be out on i-Tunes soon enough kiddies, have patience.

And don't forget to admire the album artwork, created and conceived by Michael P! and Haley Jane (who did the photos too!). I know how much time went into it, a lot, so appreciate what these guys do for you. They love you, love them back by buying the album, it's all of $6. I know for a fact that a Starbucks drink can cost more than that. And you won't feel sick after buying the EP, so, bonus points!

At long last, here are some pictures of the evening, look forward to more!

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