Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alphabet City Soup: 2nd Edition

The second night of Alphabet City Soup has occurred and boy did it go over well! We had an outstanding lineup, and even a surprise guest again this week! The night began with our surprise, Argyle Johansen, playing like a trooper with his mini-guitar underneath one arm in a sling. Next we had the improv troupe The Black Boxes in the Corner, who were nothing short of hysterical. My good buddy Carlo Fiorletta then came on to give us some banjo. It was Banjo (with a capital B). The phenomenal Dustin Edge played a solo acoustic set, which I know I totally got into. That guy can rock it. The finale for our variety show was Grace Anatomy and she performed a short (but sweet) burlesque dance for the crowd and everyone was Pumped (with a capital P).

After a brief intermission and short parade up and down Ave A., Schocholautte went onstage to add to the already brilliant evening. They played supremely and even left a pile of exhausted bodies lying on the floor when they were finished. Things like that tend to happen at their shows, scientists have yet to figure out why. Have a look at some pictures, and don't forget to put next week on your calendar, we are having the official official night with our host Julian Stockdale. This could turn out dynamic or disasterous. You have to come and find out.

Click HERE to see more photos!

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