Friday, August 5, 2011

Saliva-Fest Dream

On my way back from the movie last night, Craig and I were on a train where an obvious transgender person was talking to his (was a her) friends. He kinda looked like the son from Family Guy, if you watch that show. So, I went to Niagara, and when I finally arrived home around 245 AM, I fell asleep. During my slumber, I dreamt a dream. I only remember bits and pieces of it though. So chronologically, from what I remember: I walked into a bar, where the bartender obviously knew me and poured what I assume is my "regular." I don't remember recognizing him from real life though. I want to say there was a band playing somewhere in this bar, because there was a poster on the wall behind the bar which was an image of the transgender person I had seen on the train earlier that night, with the title under it saying "GUY in the band" (or something like that, essentially reminding the bartenders that the lead in the band was a guy, and not a girl). At some point, the bar got busy, and I remember saying hi to random people, but not knowing who they were. Then D showed up with a woman that looked like his manager or something (very professional and business-like). I think D was already drunk, or just really happy. We had a hugfest for, like, ever, and I think we just continued having a hugfest all night. Then, I only remember little things. We bedazzled ourselves at one point, pulling these ginormous gemstones off some piece of paper, and sticking them all over our arms, backs, chests and faces. I remember the gems being blue, kind of like sapphires. At one point we were walking in a department store (I have NO idea how we got there) and I think it must have been H&M, it just felt like it. I liked a skirt but it wasn't my size. Actually, it wasn't anyone's size. You know how junior sizes are odd numbers, and sometimes they'll say size 7/8 or 9/10 etc? Well, this skirt said 7/11, so who wears that? D didn't seem to be paying attention to the shopping, so I'm guessing that's where we left and went back (?) to the bar. The last things I remember about the dream was another hugfest, which escalated into D licking my face all over. Just going apeshit with saliva all over my face. And I didn't seem to mind. I think at the end of the saliva-fest, we did have a smooch (?) but that could just be wishful thinking I added when I woke up. :) Then I believe he looked over to the manager lady he had brought, with a guilty look, and said goodbye, as if he had to go explain his actions.

I'm pretty sure that's when my alarm woke me up. I was hugging my stuffed dolphin really hard.

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