Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Obnoxious

First off, the term obnoxious isn't used nearly often enough, so that in itself is obnoxious. People need to expand their vocabulary, including the downer words. Anyways, my friend Carrie visited me about a week and a half ago, and as we were sitting in the middle of Times Square (she wanted to see it, we didn't stay long) I noticed that a lot of things people do in Times Square are obnoxious. So I made a list, and I'll even include some fun media.

1. Tourists (or anyone really, but usually it's tourists) who make stupid poses in the middle of Times Square.

I don't know if this girl is a tourist, but either way, trying to pose like a supermodel in Times Square does not make you look awesome. It makes you look like you're in Times Square. Alone.

2. Muffin Tops

Everyone in the world knows this is a fashion don't, so why do people still do it? I get that you can't help that your belly hangs out over your pants, mine would too if I wore pants that were 3 sizes too small. But I must give some credit, because these women clearly have way better lung power than I do, there's no way I'd be able to breathe in pants that were so tight. So, props.

3. The guys and girls who try to sell you deals at hair salons.

This doesn't need any media. You all know who they are.
"Hey! Can I ask you a question about your hair?!"
"OMG, where do you get it cut?"
"I cut it myself."
"Have you ever gotten it cut at a salon before?"
"Well then OMG, you're going to love this deal! You can have a full haircut, manicure, massage, oil treatment, eyebrow waxing, facial and discount on product, all for the low price of $60!"
"I don't do any of that stuff."
"Do you have any friends who would like it? Makes a great gift!"
"Your mom?"
"She's dead."
"No matter, how about I sweeten the deal, just because I like you and I can see we're going to be BFF's, I'll throw in another one for free!"
"No thanks."
"How about a third one? You can take two friends!"
"No thanks."

You get the idea, eventually they tire and give up if you just say No enough. Plus, they're all actors, so they're used to being let down. Comes with the job.


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Bouncin' Barb said...

Loved this blog. My "No Mirrors" in my "This and That" blog is very similar. I see we think alike. I will be following you.