Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some Boy

don't feign to deny
something you had in mind
for the lines within the lie
can only string you out as far as a
hand can reach to pull you back in

everything you give to me is halfhearted
and the reasons for my
utter ridiculous adoration of you
come very few.

for i dont really have any.

but nonetheless, i pick the problems
that tend to seek me out
and the only way to deal

is a very
on my cigarette.

often that doesn't help either.

and the alcohol is never the way to solve a problem
but to keep coming back to the one
who is so unavailable

in a way that reminds me of me.

to you for completely unexplainable incentives
and it makes life very difficult

but exciting
clearly in a fucked up way
how twisted does one have to be to enjoy
being on the recieving end of nothing?

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