Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blog Digression

Actually, my blog has not digressed, it has all but become invisible, because I have no time in my life to do such things as learn about rock salt, or see why humans have eyebrows...So, for now, to at least keep this up and running, and somewhat, kind of interesting (or at least continuous), I'm becoming a photo and video blog.

Cliché yes, but it's really just another way for me to get my photos (and other photos I like) onto the internet without posting them all on Flickr or facebook or whatever. And it's whole hell of a lot faster.

Perhaps someday, when I am settled down, with children and white picket fence, I will continue my blog of knowledge. Until then, enjoy these at your leisure.

*Note: None of these are in any order, it's all based on how I feel for the day, and a lot of them will be OLD. And, each duo will be interconnected in some odd way, through the maze of my mind. The fun part for you will be figuring out what that is!

*courtesy of Carrie Thomas

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